Cily Boy – an early goat Wether – an effective castrated men goat Doe – (aka

Cily Boy – an early goat Wether – an effective castrated men goat Doe – (aka

Breed – an inventory off dogs contained in this a types having a distinctive looks and usually having been created by deliberate possibilities Reproduction creature– a pet brought about to create kiddies normally when you look at the a managed and organized ways Dam – a female moms and dad Group – a collection of a types of animals (sheep, poultry) Herd – a group of one types of creature (cows, ponies, swine, goats) Livestock – home-based ranch pet leftover to own energetic objectives (chicken, whole milk, work, wool) Field creature – animals bred and raised having food consumption Polled – a normally hornless creature Sire – a masculine moms and dad Litter – numerous youngsters put from the one to delivery by the a multiple-parous mammal. Also called brood

Hottie – a freshly hatched otherwise an extremely young poultry Broilers – a poultry that’s half dozen so you’re able to thirteen weeks old used for meat development Pullet – Girls bird below 1 year old Hen – Ladies bird more 1 year old Cockerel – Male bird around 12 months of age Rooster – Men bird more one year old Prominent Issues – eggs and chicken

Bovine – brand new medical name for cows Calf – a sexually kids young bovine Heifer – an earlier women bovine with not yet got an excellent calf Cow – a mature girls bovine Point – a good castrated men bovine Bull – an intimately mature male bovine Common Issues – milk, chicken and you can leather-based

nanny) a female goat Buck – (aka. billy) a sexually adult male goat Common Facts – whole milk,* cabrito,** mohair and you can cashmere. *Goats are the number one music producer from milk products worldwide. ** Goat animal meat has many more names you to definitely confidence the fresh goat’s geographic location and you will chronilogical age of creature. […]